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Commerce education plays a very important role in the changing business world. It is the most important key, which leads to success in all sectors of economy.

The education imparted among Commerce students include lecturing, learning, group discussion, brain-storming, simulation exercises, case study, role-play, seminars etc… Through all these, the

Commerce students have derived some benefits. Lecturing seeks to offer a large amount of knowledge in a capsule form. Interaction and group discussion will make them involve in the topic and develop debating qualities. Brain-storming sessions help the students develop their creative thinking in groups. Simulation exercises make them change their attitude in different cases. Case method makes them understand the subject; improve communication skill, problem-solving rationale and many more. However, a Commerce student would understand the value of concentration, patience and creativity thereby trying to develop within him, the fruit of real education.

Commerce education has gained such an importance because if a simple mistake is committed or an entrepreneur in his business affairs takes a slightly wrong decision, then it would lead to the doom of his enterprise, which has been developed so far. Therefore, Commerce education is very important. The activities relating to Commerce is also affected when the business cycle is not going well.

Through Commerce education, a student is exposed to the environment of the business world. It is helpful for preparing them for self-employment and developing in them, the entrepreneurial abilities. It also inculcates practice orientation among the students. It makes them know about the importance of applying economic principles while making business decisions. It makes them aware of social, economic and political problems relating to business concerns. It teaches them to face the market situation, to adapt themselves to the present circumstances. Moreover, it helps them to meet the global competition.

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